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Quiz: Which League of Legends role is the best for you?

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Find out which is the best role and position for you in League of Legends with just 8 questions.

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League of Legends, in the Summoner's Rift mode, has five roles:






Each role has their lane, archetype and play style.

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By taking this quiz you will be able to figure out which of these roles and playabilities suits you the most.

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You prefer...

Playing alone without depending on anyone else or having to help anyone else.Correct symbol

Playing with many teammates and always helping everybody.Correct symbol

Playing alone, but keeping in mind you will have help when you need it.Correct symbol

Playing with one other teammate and always being there for each other.Correct symbol

In an RPG, which of these races would you pick as your own?

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OrcCorrect symbol

Answer image

HumanCorrect symbol

Answer image

DruidCorrect symbol

Answer image

ElfCorrect symbol

Which of these games in the League of Legends universe do you prefer?

Answer image

League of LegendsCorrect symbol

Answer image

Legends of RuneterraCorrect symbol

Answer image

Wild RiftCorrect symbol

Answer image

Teamfight TaticsCorrect symbol

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If you were at war, what would you do?

I'd be in the front lines.Correct symbol

I'd be the strategist.Correct symbol

I'd infiltrate the enemy field.Correct symbol

I'd be the troop medic.Correct symbol

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What makes you choose a champion?

How strong they are naturallyCorrect symbol

Their storyCorrect symbol

Their looksCorrect symbol

Their skillsCorrect symbol

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Which type of person are you in your group of friends?

The strongestCorrect symbol

The smartestCorrect symbol

The shyestCorrect symbol

The funniestCorrect symbol

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When your team is losing, what do you do?

I get mad at my team and flame in chat.Correct symbol

I straighten myself in my chair, as now it is the time to start playing seriously and carry my team.Correct symbol

I get mad at the enemy team, and report them after the game.Correct symbol

Nothing! That happens, you can't win them all.Correct symbol

What do you do when someone says you don't play well?

I challenge them to a 1v1 to show them who doesn't play wellCorrect symbol

I say nothing and let my performance show if I'm good or notCorrect symbol

I flame themCorrect symbol

Nothing, I don't play well anywayCorrect symbol