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Quiz: How much Runeterra Lore do you know?

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Test out your Runeterra Lore knowledge with these 12 questions.

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Ever since League of Legends was created, it is more than just a MOBA. All of its characters have a story and many of them connect to each other, building up the many diverse relationships we see in the game, mostly through their dialogues.

This test has 12 questions pertaining only the Runeterra lore. See how much you know.

Good Luck! And don't forget to share your results!

Who destroyed Tryndamere's tribe, making him obtain an "uncontrollable fury", which prevents him from dying for a few seconds?

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OrnnCorrect symbol

Answer image

AatroxCorrect symbol

Answer image

TrundleCorrect symbol

Answer image

SejuaniCorrect symbol

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Which of these facts about Bandle City is not true?

No human can cross a portal to Bandle City.Correct symbol

Yordles are born in Bandle City, but they aren't obligated to live there forever.Correct symbol

Bandle City is located in an alternate, timeless Runeterra dimension.Correct symbol

Yordles, when outside of Bandle City, have the ability of making their appearance humanoid.Correct symbol

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Which is Ryze's birth city?

IcathiaCorrect symbol

BasilichCorrect symbol

KhomCorrect symbol

Bel'ZhunCorrect symbol

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In the Star Guardian story, which of these champions IS NOT part of the first generation of guardians?

Miss FortuneCorrect symbol

LuxCorrect symbol

AhriCorrect symbol

NeekoCorrect symbol

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What is the name of the continent in which all the known regions of League of Legends are located?

RuneterraCorrect symbol

TrannitCorrect symbol

AurmaCorrect symbol

ValoranCorrect symbol

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Viego and Isolde were monarchs of which kingdom?

CamavorCorrect symbol

FallgrenCorrect symbol

VindorCorrect symbol

HoldrumCorrect symbol

Yasuo was unjustly accused of killing his master, Souma. Who is behind Yasuo's master assassination?

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YoneCorrect symbol

Answer image

KatarinaCorrect symbol

Answer image

Le BlancCorrect symbol

Answer image

RivenCorrect symbol

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Which of these facts about Shurima is TRUE?

Azir was always destined for the role of Emperor of Shurima.Correct symbol

Shurima was devastated because of a fight between Renekton and Nasus.Correct symbol

Sivir and Taliyah were sisters and were Nasus disciples.Correct symbol

Amumu was a Shuriman EmperorCorrect symbol

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Which are the three brothers/sisters whom can be considered Freljordian demi-gods?

Ashe, Lissandra and SejuaniCorrect symbol

Anivia, Volibear and AsheCorrect symbol

Avarosa, Lissandra and SeryldaCorrect symbol

Anivia, Lissandra and UdyrCorrect symbol

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Before becoming a purple monster, Dr. Mundo was...

An underling under one of the strongest Zaun Chem BaronsCorrect symbol

A renown Zaun doctor who did tests on shimmerCorrect symbol

A Singed experimentCorrect symbol

Part of the sinkhole mafiaCorrect symbol

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Kai’sa is the daughter of...

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KassadinCorrect symbol

Answer image

the Void, as she was created thereCorrect symbol

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BelvethCorrect symbol

Answer image

MalzaharCorrect symbol

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Which are the names of the two humans that live inside Varus?

Kai and ValmarCorrect symbol

Niven and VallosCorrect symbol

Dracan and NevosCorrect symbol

Zen and KenoCorrect symbol