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Silver to Diamond: 9 tips to climb the ladder in League

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In today's article you will get 9 tips that made me climb to Diamond. They are simple tips, but essential to climb the ladder!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Tips to climb the ladder in League

Season 12 is almost over and I'm sure you want to climb the ladder to guarantee that Victorious skin or even to beat your personal best.

If you know me, you probably know that I climbed from low Silvers to Diamond in 27 days. I learnt a lot in that time and today I gathered 9 tips that will be essential and will also help you a lot in this final hour. Check it out!

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Study the Game

It is obvious that studying will get you better results at the game, but even still, most don't do it to climb the ladder. Actually, many people don't even know how to study League.


So here's my advice: start by watching videos and researching your role. Here at CardsRealm we also have many guides to each role, so keep an eye out for new articles!

After you learn a lot about your role, I suggest you watch your own replays, so you can see if you are truly playing optimally. With that you can avoid more deaths or mistakes in the next matches.


Adapting is extremely important, and I'm sure it will be your differential to win many matches.

It doesn't pay to build an armor item against magic damage enemies, or a magic resist item against physical damage enemies.

So try always varying your build, and crafting items unique to each match.

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It is also not enough to adapt only when it comes to build, as not always you will be able to keep your style and game plan. I, myself, play proactively. I like to force my way into fights and steal from the enemy jungler, but in many matches I need to play safe and assume that I'm weaker.

Turn off the "auto mode" and vary your strategy according to the situation.

Play only a few champions

It is essential that you play with at most 3 champions. I hear many people talking about "Oh, I play 5 champions, but they are all easy".

In fact there are many champions that are very simple to understand, but to climb the ladder, it isn't enough to know a combo's skills. You have to understand what is your strongest or weakest moment, if you can or can't engage in a fight and how to behave in all this champion's match ups.

Can you really put all of that in practice (at a high level) with more than 3 champions?

Ideally, you have to be a one-trick (play only one champion), and me for instance, I only play Zac. But if you like varying, play 2 or 3 champions, but nothing above that.

Focus on your game

The only player that will always be on your team is yourself, so the ally that fed or trolled doesn't matter, only think about your performance. If you're doing well, sooner or later you will climb.

If you die while making a play, it is more productive to reflect and look for your own mistakes, rather than curse and complain.

Don't play while tilted

As I said in my last tip, the important part is to focus on your performance and forget about others'. But it is normal if you tilt sometimes because of your team, and at those moments, if you keep playing, it might be your worst decision.

Give yourself a break, or go into another account, but leave your main account aside for a few hours. If you play while tilted, you will only lose even more points!

Play only a few matches a day

To be honest, this varies a lot from person to person, but for me I always liked playing multiple matches a day. But it is undeniable, if you play at most 3 or 5 matches a day, your performance might be a lot better.

By playing more, the chance of you tilting or getting tired (mentally) will only get higher, so that for sure will make you lose a few matches.


Look at the Minimap

Another rather obvious tip, but it is always worth it to mention. By looking at the minimap every 2 seconds (indicated), you will die a lot less (especially in ganks), besides always being able to let your team know about existing dangers and get a better view of play opportunities.

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Disable chat and ping a lot

As players climb ranks, it is normal that they tend to ignore chat. Unfortunately, chat is only used for jokes and flame, and even if you use this space to really get some information across, keep in mind what I mentioned in my last tip: the time you spent typing could be used to look at the minimap and get even more information.

If someone really wants to get a play across the team, the recommended thing to do is to use pings. Pings are fast, easy, and because of their sound effect, can get your teammates' attention more easily.

Sometimes good communication is all that's left for you to climb the ladder, so ping a lot!

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Do the bare minimum

What do I mean by doing the bare minimum?

I know dozens of players who tell me everyday that they want to get better and improve, but when I get to see them playing, they play while checking their phone, or while listening to some video.

If you are playing, and you really want to climb, focus on that: leave your phone aside, focus on your game, and this is literally the bare minimum!

Go to someplace quiet and calm, make sure to be rested and focused in order to extract the most out of your gameplay.


Today's article has reached its end, and I hope the tips have made some sort of sense to you! If you enjoyed it, I invite you to follow me on my social medialink outside website, to get even closer to my work, so that I can help you better!

Don't forget to comment if you agree or not with the tips, and in case you have any questions just tell me! It will be a pleasure to answer you!